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Hera: The Goddess and her Glory (Olympians) - George O'Connor The third installment of George O'Connor's Olympians series features the Queen of the Gods, and gives us a pretty good idea of why she's so vindictive and vengeful in the myths. Of the three I'd read to this point, this one was my favorite: I liked that the author showed Hera's journey from maiden goddess to Zeus' wife, and allowed us to get inside her head a bit. With all that Zeus put her through, she's amazing for sticking with him! I also liked that we basically got the story of Heracles as well (Heracles means "the glory of Hera"), and the small glimpse of Jason. Jason's line about Hera moving in mysterious ways and basically accounting for Heracles' fame was perfectly spot-on!There was also one fairly poignant line at the end: "There is a story they tell of Hera ... It is a story that the women knew, for when the men of ancient Greece wrote down their stories, they did not think to ask the women for theirs." (pg. 65) And isn't that the truth with all myths? Makes you wonder about everything that was possibly left out.