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Scorch - Gina Damico As someone who absolutely adored every single word of Croak, I couldn't wait to dive into its sequel, Scorch, and was so excited when the book finally came in at my library. And while Scorch turned out to be quite a bit darker than Croak, and took the plot in a direction I wasn't expecting, it wound up being just as good - and in some ways better - than its predecessor.The thing I really adored in Croak was the absolutely laugh-out-loud funny humor that Damico inserted throughout the book. And while Scorch has its fair share - particularly the lines courtesy of Uncle Mort when referring to Lex and Driggs' relationship - the plot of this one was so much darker than the first that I kind of felt that humor was sort of tempered a bit. There is a lot of danger and intrigue in this book - Zara is on the loose, people are turning up Damned all over the country, and the once-safe town of Croak is no longer safe for anyone, let alone the Junior Grims. Considering that the characters work as Grim Reapers, I was a bit surprised by all the death and destruction! This is not to say that it wasn't well done, of course - this book was, in some ways, more tightly constructed and plotted out than the first, even if it had a much different tone to it - but, again, it was quite a switch from book one and sort of threw me for a loop.The one person I really came to love in this installment was Elysia, who is, quite simply, an absolutely fabulous character and a wonderful friend to Lex and the others. I feel like we really got to see more of her in this book, and I definitely hope that continues in the third one, because she is a character that really sparkles and shines. I loved her line to Lex about being "exceptionally sticky" (meaning she'll stick to Lex no matter what); she was truly a star in this book, and I adored her to pieces.Scorch is a wonderful continuation of Lex's story, and definitely sets the series up for one bang of a finale. I can't wait to see what the plot twist at the end means for everyone, and how things will be resolved. There seems to be quite a bit going on that's going to have to be tied up in the final book, and while I can sort of see how things are coming together, I've no doubt that Damico will throw us a few more curves before its all said and done. Needless to say, I can't wait to read Rogue, and shall be waiting impatiently for its release!***To see more of my reviews, please visit me @ Read and Reviewed!