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Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick This was a really fast read, but I found the "heroine" of this book to be so completely and utterly stupid that I had a really hard time with her. I spent much of the time yelling at her poor decisions, not least of which concerned Patch, who, while definitely not innocent and actually quite an ass most of the time, was the strength of this book for me personally. This is not to say that I was perfectly fine with his antics throughout, because I wasn't; he's arrogant, and really not a "good" guy in the slightest. He spends much of the book putting Nora in situations that she's uneasy with, but she's such a weak character that she simply lets him manipulate her whenever he sees fit. What I liked about Patch is that he's sort of unapologetic about it, and the uneasiness with which Nora views him is supposed to be there: he's not a good guy. It was Patch that kept me reading, because I wanted to get his full back story and I wanted Nora to FINALLY figure out what was up with him (the reader is spoiled because of the cover and the prologue, but it takes Nora 250 pages to figure it out, even with all the hints available to her. Again, Nora is SO STUPID it is not even funny). There were too many villains, only one of which was dealt with satisfactorily for me personally, and so many other things about this story that bothered me, like the biology course curriculum, Nora's dealings with the police, and the fact that Nora's mother willingly takes a job that takes her out of town on a regular basis, leaving her newly-fatherless daughter home by herself for much of the time. What mother would actually do this? Not to mention how horrible of a friend Vee turns out to be once she meets Elliot and Jules. Ugh. Nonetheless, I found this story gripping and I was unable to put it down, even when the characters were acting as if they were brainless and I was yelling at them in my frustration. It gets three stars, though, simply because I have a soft spot for paranormal fiction, and the idea of a story about fallen angels sort of hits me where I'm weakest. I just wish I could find a series of books that uses this idea to its fullest extent.