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Vengeance Bound

Vengeance Bound - Justina Ireland

As anyone who has read my reviews is probably well aware of at this point, I am a huge sucker for books based on mythology of any kind. Vengeance Bound is a semi-retelling of the Furies, except that our main character, Corinne, is one of the three ladies of justice. She and the other two spend the majority of their time chasing down criminals and administering their own brand of justice. Cory also has a backstory that details how the Furies came to be inside her, and a history with an evil doctor she desperately wants revenge on.

This book was exceptionally fast paced. I began reading it and, before I knew it, was already halfway through. The plot moves quickly, with Cory and the other Furies going out at night to punish wrongdoers, and attending a new high school during the day. While at school she becomes friends with a group of kids who have their own issues, although said issues aren't completely apparent in the beginning. She also falls for one of the guys in the group, Niko, who I liked quite a bit. Their relationship was fairly slow moving, although Cory of course gets that "weak in the knees" feeling from the get-go.

My biggest issue with this book wasn't the mythology, which was interesting, or the plot, which was engrossing. The biggest problem was that I really didn't connect with Cory or any of the other characters at all. I was sort of just surface reading, if that makes sense, not feeling any attachment to their plights or Cory's struggle to maintain her hold on the Furies so they didn't completely take over her body. Normally a book that has as much blood and gore as this one would prompt some kind of response - a flinch or wince or something - but that wasn't the case here at all. I was sort of like Cory, in that I was along for the ride. It was a very strange reading experience for me. I can't recall the last time I felt so dispassionate about a book's proceedings.

Still, Vengeance Bound was entertaining enough in that fluffy way. Fans of mythology will enjoy the backstory to the Furies origin, and those who enjoy seeing criminals get their comeuppance will also have something to cheer for. The romance is sweet enough but nothing earth-shattering, and - at least on Cory's part - a bit too insta-lovy for my tastes, although I did wind up liking the two of them and their sweet shared moments and steamy kisses. The ending seems open to a possible sequel, but I'm not sure I'll be reading. It wasn't a bad way to spend an afternoon, but I really can't say anything more enthusiastic than that.

An e-galley was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.



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