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The Watcher

The Watcher - Lisa Voisin

Like many folks who read and review YA books, I have been burned by many an angel book in the past. So it was with some trepidation that I started The Watcher, hoping it would be more like my reading experience for Sweet Evil (pleasantly surprised) than my experience with Hush, Hush (seriously annoyed). I'm happy to report that I can easily put The Watcher into the "good" category. I enjoyed our main character, Mia, quite a lot, and found myself swooning right along with her when it came to Michael.

The Watcher has a well-developed angel lore that's used throughout the book. I liked that Michael isn't just saintly good; he's a fallen angel who is recovering from his past mistakes, and that added a different sort of vibe to his interactions with Mia. I liked the nods back in time to previous civilizations, and the fact that Mia and Michael had a history. It was interesting to see Mia's visions of her past, and to hear Michael's explanations about what happened. Now, admittedly, because they do have this past, their relationship in the present seems rather insta-lovey, but it's excusable because they do have already established feelings for each other. I liked how Mia weaved her way through her memories of what was and what was her current reality.

There is a definite sort of epic-ness to the plot of this book. There's a lot of good versus evil, and Mia finds herself caught right in the center of it. It was interesting to have the inside look at what angels and demons in this universe do, and I liked the way everything evolved. I enjoyed reading about Michael's struggles with his feelings for Mia and the way he had to fight not to lose himself (or, more notably, his wings). There's a lot of back and forth, and nothing is completely resolved at the end, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a sequel at some point. I am definitely curious as to how things are going to be satisfactorily resolved in terms of the emotional aspect.

The Watcher is an angel book, but - at least for me - brings some new ideas to the table. Those who are leery of another Fallen orHush, Hush will probably be pleasantly surprised with Ms. Voisin's rendition. The characters are enjoyable, and while it's a long book, I didn't really feel the length while I was reading. I think most paranormal fans will be quite entertained with Michael and Mia's story.

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