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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice (Puffin Classics) - Linda M. Jennings, Linda Jennings, Jane Austen

I feel kind of strange giving this only three stars, considering everyone else's thoughts about this book. I think my feelings upon finishing it, however, can be contributed to the fact that I already knew what was going to happen, seeing as I'd seen the film (and also because I don't live under a rock). I found myself several times thinking "okay, already, get on with it," which was a shame because I really wanted to love the book, since I enjoyed the film so much. Some of the characters also really irritated me; I found some fault or another with pretty much everyone except Jane, and even her even temper and ability to forgive and see the good in everyone got a bit trying, because I can't honestly believe that anyone is that good of a person. Having flawed characters makes them more interesting, but some of the things they said or did (particularly Mrs. Bennet and Lydia) were just so obnoxious that I wanted to strangle them. I also have problems with parents who don't take enough of an interest in their children's educations and upbringing, so didn't like Mr. Bennet's way of "disciplining" his daughters at all. Lydia and Kitty both needed a much heavier hand, and Mrs. Bennet was just so over-the-top in her absurdity and inability to realize how inappropriate her behavior was that I couldn't help but agree with Darcy's assessment, even though his actually saying the words out loud (or in a letter) were likewise terrible. I do think that my feelings on the book would have been different, however, if I'd read it prior to seeing it; then I would have been surprised at each turn in the story instead of wishing things would hurry up and happen.

Also a note on the free Kindle version of this story via Amazon: there were tons of misspellings, and also some strange punctuation. I also got REALLY tired of HOW they ACCENTED words. There's nothing wrong with italics! Also, the formatting made all the letters that are passed back and forth at the end of the book difficult to read. It's hard to go wrong with free, but it would have been best if I'd gotten that "free" version from the library.