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The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern "The circus arrives without warning." This is how this book starts, and I have to say that my attention was caught from those very first words. I was completely engrossed in the descriptions of the circus itself (especially once we realize who is behind all of the incredible attractions) to the point that I wished something like it could exist in reality. The romance between Celia and Marco was a slow-burning one as opposed to the typical "they met and fell in love instantly" trope which is getting a whole lot of page time in books today. I loved reading about the ways they worked together to turn the circus into something completely unforgettable and truly magical.Be forewarned, however, that the "fierce competition" mentioned in the summary is a bit misleading; the action in this book is extremely tempered, and you learn about it via alternating viewpoints and time periods which can be slightly confusing. The competition takes place between Marco and Celia, who go for a great deal of this book without having hardly any contact with each other. This book, to me, was more about the love story than the whole reason these two had been brought together in the first place (i.e. the competition), and it was their interactions (or their reactions to each other or the things one or the other of them did) that drove this book. I wanted to know how things would work out, and how Celia and Marco would escape their seemingly predestined fates.If you're looking for something that's nonstop action and/or breathtaking duels, you'll need to look elsewhere because that's just not what this book is. If you're willing to read something slower-paced but still utterly engaging, however, you can do no better than The Night Circus. I highly recommend it.