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Fables, Vol. 3: Storybook Love - Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha Three volumes in, and I'm still not in love. However, there were plenty of things this time around that I did like, so that made this volume slightly better in my opinion than the first two. I loved the look at Briar Rose and the fact that her fairy blessings have translated over into their exile. I was struck at how pretty she was drawn; I think she is the prettiest female character thus far. I also enjoyed the look at her curse, and how it's still having an effect on her life. I'm glad Bluebeard got his comeuppance. Ditto Goldilocks, although I don't think either one of them is actually gone for good. And the Lilliputians were too cute; I love how they're part of the Fable police force. I also liked how the artists did Charming's part of the story, putting his parts in a shield outline. That was well done.As for the story line, I definitely felt that this one was a tad more out there, but was amused nonetheless with the mundy reporter who thinks they're all vampires, and how they used Briar Rose's curse to help get the information from him. I also liked the interaction between Snow White and Bigby, and what was starting to possibly turn into a relationship. I will say, however, that the ending completely and utterly shocked me; I definitely didn't see it coming at all and am now wondering what's going to happen because of it. If I had been leaning toward skipping the rest of the volumes, that would have ensured that I at least read the next one, so, well done authors. :-P