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My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent Yay, something different from the usual faerie/vampire/werewolf/fallen angel YA's populating the shelves! I really enjoyed this look at something new, and the mystery and characters weren't too shabby, either. Definitely going to continue reading this series to see where else the author takes her mythology. And I'm looking forward to more Tod! He's the most intriguing character for me personally, by far, and I definitely want to know more of his story.Other thoughts: I can't help but be concerned over Nash's ability to Influence Kaylee, and what it might mean for later. While I liked the two of them, that added a slight creep factor, especially since she herself is very aware of it. And I'd totally guessed the whole "borrowed time" thing regarding Kaylee way before she realized it herself. Although it was nice to have my guess confirmed.Anyway, this was a really fast read that was thoroughly enjoyable. Yay for fresh ideas!