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Zeus: King of the Gods (Olympians) - George O'Connor Zeus: King of the Gods is a great start to the tales of the twelve Olympians. I loved how O'Connor used this book to set up the series. The reader gets to learn about how Gaea and Ouranos came to be, how the Titans and Titanesses were born, and how Kronos became king, and was eventually overthrown by his children. The tales were told in a very reachable way, so that anyone reading it could follow along. We get our first glimpse of Zeus the womanizer in this book as well, with his interactions with Metis (and as an aside, I particularly enjoyed her, as she was a character I was familiar with but didn't have too much detail on). I also loved the little additions to the artwork in each of the panels as well, which showed glimpses of various side stories that are also part of the Greek myths.One thing that really stood out to me in this volume was the author's notes at the end, with the page citations that explained what was happening and how it connects to upcoming volumes of the books. It gave a great deal of background information in a short, concise way, and I found it to be very useful in supporting how the author came up with the versions of his stories. All in all this was a really solid start to a series that I, personally, am quite anxious to see to its completion.