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Envy - Elizabeth  Miles I am the first to admit that I'm a sucker for anything mentioning Greek Mythology retellings. As such, I dove into the first book of this series, Fury, and came away rather disappointed. Yes, I enjoyed it enough to read the second installment, but the book was really slow to develop and I very nearly put it down. I also really disliked Em quite a lot (her actions left a very bad taste in my mouth), which made reading a story from her point of view very difficult. I am happy to report, therefore, that the things I just mentioned as bothering me in the first book are nearly nonexistent in the second installment, and as such, I enjoyed this book much more than the first.This book is very dependent on your reading Fury first, because there are several references throughout to things the reader learned in the first book, particularly when it comes to the name-dropping. So if you're going to read this one, you really do need to pick up Fury first. Whereas Fury took a very long time for things to really happen and develop, you're thrust pretty quickly into the action this time around, which definitely helped with the pacing. And while the actions of the Furies - and the person they target this time around - are borderline horrific and awful, there was a certain compulsion to the words and events that kept me eagerly turning pages (I essentially read the last 300 pages of this in one sitting), even when I was dismayed at what was going on. I so wanted to reach out and shake Skylar because she fell right into their trap; she wanted to be loved and accepted and surrounded by friends, and Meg knew exactly how to manipulate those feelings to their advantage. Her story arc was really terrible and I couldn't help but feel bad for her, even when she was making some truly terrible choices.I also really loved that we FINALLY got some explanation about why the Furies are so focused on the small town of Ascension. That was my biggest question in the first book; why this small town? What was the lure? Now I know and I can't wait to see how things are going to shake out! And while I am not a fan of love triangles by any means, I kind of can't help but be curious about Em's ultimate decision between JD and Crow; while I loved JD in the first book, I wonder if things can be rectified in that regard, and can't help but feel that perhaps Crow is the better way to go for her. I will continue to not be "team anyone" though, and just see what happens in the end, because I really do like them both.There was a turn of events at the end of Envy that I definitely did not see coming, which just makes me all the more excited to read the last book, Eternity, which I have to wait until September to read. September! How's that fair?If you read Fury and liked it well enough, definitely give Envy a try. The faster pacing alone makes it a much more satisfying read, and while we're definitely given more questions and the book is basically just a set-up for the final installment, there was enough new information to keep the book from being overly frustrating. I can't wait to see what happens next!***To see more of my reviews, please visit me @ Read and Reviewed!