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Wondrous Strange  - Lesley Livingston Wondrous Strange is the story of Kelley, an actress at a very off-Broadway Shakespearean theatre who is currently playing Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream. Little does Kelley know that Faeries do exist, and one in particular means her a lot of harm. Enter Sonny, a Janus guard who is responsible for keeping the Fae out of the mortal world. He's instantly drawn to Kelley, and is the first to realize that she isn't at all what she'd always thought she was. Throw in a bit of intrigue from the various Faerie courts (two in particular, but I don't want to spoil!) and combine with a very frightening and dangerous legend, and Kelley's life is about to be completely turned upside down.Intricate plot twists, spectacularly engaging characters, and a wonderful combination of Shakespeare made this an absolutely fantastic book that I pretty much devoured. It hit all of my weaknesses: a feisty, independent heroine, a swoon-worthy male hero, a bright-burning, page-melting romance, and a unique twist on the Faerie plot device. Not only were Kelley and Sonny fully developed and well-written, but the supporting characters were as well. It was such a relief to read a book where there were no flat characters, and for the most part, everyone managed to avoid the cliches that tend to overwhelm YA literature. I can honestly find no fault whatsoever with this book, and am eagerly looking forward to reading the last two. Now to just find the time....