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The Truth About Letting Go - Leigh Talbert Moore As someone who enjoyed Leigh's first book, The Truth About Faking, I was looking forward to reading its companion, The Truth About Letting Go. This book is set in the same town, but focuses on new characters, so while the names of the previous book's characters are mentioned, it's not necessary to read it first. And while I liked The Truth About Faking, I can honestly say that this book is even better, not only in terms of the plot and characters, but also in the strength of the writing. I really liked this one a lot.The Truth About Letting Go is a book that focuses on a lot of issues. Ashley, our main character, has just lost her dad, and is dealing with her immense sadness over that, as well as the fact that her mom has basically disappeared into her work. Add to that a crisis of faith - Ashley decides there must not be a God, because she prayed to him for the six months her dad was ill to no avail -and she's very unsure of who she is, or who she wants to be. This story is very much focused on Ashley's personal journey, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every single second of it.As well as Ashley, who I couldn't help but love even though she was making some very poor choices, there is a rather fascinating cast of characters that surround her. From her older brother, to the two love interests, to her best friend Mandy, I found each of them to be engaging and unique. Each of the characters (except perhaps Mandy) has their own backstory that's fleshed out and makes them feel real, which really added to the whole overall feel of the book.There is a sort of love triangle, but not in the traditional sense, because it’s pretty clear who Ashley has actual feelings for. Normally love triangles turn me right off, but this one is realistic and done in a way that really portrays Ashley’s state of mind, particularly her anger and sadness over what's happened. I couldn’t help but be drawn to both boys, even though I obviously had an opinion on which one was better for Ashley (and she knows it, too).As a heads-up, there is quite a bit of religious talk in this book, as well as some pretty hot and heavy makeout scenes that are quite steamily written. Because I know that both of those subjects are red flag issues for some, I wanted to make sure I mention it. Everything is handled very tastefully, though, and nothing is shoved in your face, at least in my opinion, but obviously your mileage may vary.All in all, this was a really well done book. It covers a lot of topics, but it’s mostly about a girl who’s trying to rediscover who she is and what she wants. Ashley doesn't always use the best judgement as she tries to figure herself out,  but everything is handled in a realistic and touching way that really draws the reader into her story. If you're looking for a satisfying contemporary read, do pick up The Truth About Letting Go! You won't be disappointed.A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***To see more of my reviews, please visit me @ Read and Reviewed!