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The Queen's Army (Lunar Chronicles, #1.5) - Marissa Meyer As opposed to Glitches, which I didn't really feel was amazing (mini-review here) and honestly didn't answer any of my questions, The Queen's Army is the complete opposite. Not only do we get some background into the Lunar Army that Kai and the other diplomats become aware of in Cinder, but I believe we might also have just been introduced to a character who's going to play a role in the remainder of the series.I couldn't help but be struck by the irony of this story. Z, our main character, has been taken from his home, forced to undergo some physical transformations, and has come out of them perhaps more wolf than human. He spends all of his training years being neither the best or the worst, never wanting to fully embrace his animalistic tendencies, but also desperately wanting to avoid becoming the "mindless soldier" threatened by his pack's leader. I have to say that my heart hurt quite a bit for him and the others we see in this brief story, simply because of the circumstances they find themselves in all because of Levana's determination to conquer the Earth. It's scary to know she really has no limits to her thirst for power.I found the last line to be the most thought-provoking, particularly since Z's actions at the end make you wonder precisely if he's avoided becoming what he feared after all. I'm curious to see what comes next!***To see more of my reviews, please visit me @ Read and Reviewed!