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I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You  - Ally Carter I had seen these books advertised around for a while but was never really interested in reading them. However, I was reading the description a couple of weeks ago here on Goodreads and realized that it really sounded like it would be a really fun read. And I wasn't wrong; this book was really fantastic in a completely fun, adorable way.So, Cammie Morgan is a student in a typical, prestigious, private, all-girls school called The Gallagher Academy. Or, at least, it WOULD be typical, except that this is a school for female spies. While on an assignment for her Covert Operations course, she meets a boy named Josh, and that's when Cammie's well-planned, well thought-out world completely changes. She can't tell Josh anything about herself, because of where she goes to school and who she'll be in the future, so what follows is basically Cammie living two different lives: her real one, and the one she creates for herself when she's with Josh.First of all, all of the spy stuff in this book was awesome. I loved all the backgrounds for the teachers, and the lessons in their classrooms, and the little asides about various accidents that the girls have had while learning to be spies. However, the big draw of this book for me personally was just that the whole thing had a really fun, totally cool vibe about it. I loved Cammie. She has such a quick wit and sense of humor, and there were some serious laugh-out-loud moments in her narration. She just seemed very real to me, and I loved every second of her. Her interactions with Josh were absolutely perfect; this is truly a book that describes that feeling you get when you meet your first crush and are starting out in a relationship. Honestly I can't find any other word to use to describe Cammie and Josh except for "adorable". The whole thing just made me want to draw hearts all over it.